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Introducing our next mentor from Garage48

Following a two year partnership that Outbox and Garage48 entered, involving volunteers from Garage48 coming to assist with regards to Outbox programs and strategy, we are excited to introduce to you our third mentor from Garage48 Maarika Susi who will be in Kampala for the next one month helping our community with marketing strategies.

Maarika works as Customer Success Manager at an Estonian founded startup called Pipedrive, a cloud-based sales management tool for smaller and medium companies. Her work involves talking daily with their customers all over the world, consulting them how to better plan their sales, give input to their product managers about customer feedback.

Additionally to work in Pipedrive, Maarika is a board member and a project manager in Garage48 Foundation organizing events, finding partnerships & sponsors for the organization.
Garage48 is an Estonian non-profit organization targeting Eastern European area and emerging countries in Middle East and Africa in helping to boost the local startup ecosystem and give extreme tech schooling.
Garage48 hackathons are 48-hour events with the goal of building technological products in just two days and nights. Intensive hackathons provide an opportunity for people with different skills to pitch ideas, gather teams and build a working prototype during the weekend.
Maarika's Background:
  1. Working in the Baltics biggest e-commerce website as a sales person
  2. Working as a marketing/social media person in the Estonian biggest nightlife chain
  3. Experience in bringing in a brand to a country and boosting it up
  4. Worked as a project manager in one of Estonia's best Advertising Agency
While in Kampala, Maarika will be engaging with us in the following areas:
  • How to structure and plan your sales process
  • How to do social media marketing strategy and what to bear in mind
  • Pitch training
She will conduct workshops, events + give mentoring hours (Office Hours) and meet with the community.
To register for her first event, please follow this link.

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