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Women Passion Program (WOPA) - On the farm with unbanked farmers

Over the weekend of Saturday 7th March, 2015, the ladies in our Women Passion program (WOPA) spent a whole day visiting low-income and unbanked farmers in the central region of Uganda. The objective was to carry out interviews and develop an understanding of the challenges they face.

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In order to address the challenges that farmers face, there is need to draw closer to them in order to understand their setting and have an understanding of these challenged. There are many farmers who do not have bank accounts for several reasons that the ladies under the WOPA program went to find out about, taking a sample of six farmers in Matugga.

The ladies under our Women passion program spent several hours visiting households and different farms, interacting with unbanked and a few banked farmers in Matugga. Divided into three (3) groups, the ladies were able to cover more ground with the interviews. The ladies will share the insights developed from this process and brainstorm in their next classes.

This cohort marks the third class of the WOPA program after it was launched early in April 2014 with the previous cohorts seeing up to 25 girls trained in Web programming and entrepreneurship.

About WOPA

WOPA is an experiential learning program one that seeks to equip women and girls with skills in web programming and entrepreneurship. Each program is 12 weeks and participants receive training in Human Centered design, Lean startup methodology and web based programming languages.

Our mission is to foster the creation of women entrepreneurs that address the intersection of opportunities/problems in community with their passions and interests.

WOPA is supported by Google for Entrepreneurs under the #40Forward and WeTech global under the Seed fund for women + girls in Computer science.

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